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Process Details

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), a Special Operating Agency (SOA) associated with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, is responsible for the administration and processing of the greater part of intellectual property in Canada.

Our professional trademark attorney in Canada will prepare and file your trademark for registration in the country. 

Our Services

We offer the following services in Canada:

  • Fast Trademark Search Online – our prices include the government fees and legal fees
  • Trademark renewal
  • Trademark opposition
  • Defenses in case of oppositions or objections/office actions in Canada
  • Trademark assignment
  • Change of name/Change of Address

If you are interested in any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration Requirements

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Address of the applicant
  3. Description of products/services the applicant commercializes. There is no extra fee per additional class in Canada, at the same time, the price includes only 30 products/services per application. There is an extra fee for each additional item.
  4. Details of the trademark

5 Step Procedure to Register

  1. A formal examination
  2. Examination
  3. Publication
  4. Allowance
  5. Registration

Our attorney will file your trademark within 5 business days.

Registration duration

15 years starting from the registration date. Note that in order to get your trademark registered, the trademark must be in use in Canada. Unlike the USA, you are not obliged to provide any specimens of use at the moment of acceptance of your trademark, however, you will have to make a statement that you are using your trademark in Canada on the products which are mentioned in the description.

The Trademark Office of Canada can request you to present the specimens of use in the future if there are any legal proceedings ongoing regarding your trademark (i.e. someone filed a cancellation of your trademark or you decided to oppose another trademark). 

In case if you are unable to present the specimens, the trademark might be cancelled.

Note, that our fees for a registration request in Canada do not include final registration fees. The prices do not include any legal defenses in case of oppositions or objections.

Trademark Application Cost

The official trademark registration cost in Canada is CAD 250.00 for electronic applications and CAD 300.00 for paper applications.

For the registration, an additional registration fee of CAD 200.00 must be paid prior to the issuance of the certificate of registration.


  1. Be as precise in the description as possible. The Trademark Office of Canada generally does not accept vague descriptions and will issue an office action requesting a more detailed description (i.e. tableware most likely will not be accepted, you should list all the products you use your trademark on plates, mugs, bowls, etc.)
  2. Be sure to use your trademark exactly as it was registered. If you altered a single detail in your logo, the best idea will be to file it again. The use is crucial since only trademarks in use can maintain their protected status in Canada and the amended logo and the original logo will not be taken as the same.
  3. Do not file for services or products you do not offer and do not plan to offer. After allowance of your trademark, the Registrar will ask you for a statement saying that you have started to use the trademark. If you have not yet started using the trademark, you may ask for more time until you are ready to use it, however, there is a fee per each extension of time.

Official Trademark Office in Canada

Address: Place du Portage I 50 Victoria Street, Room C-114, Gatineau, Québec K1A 0C9
Telephone: 1 819 934 0544